The keys to understanding are in my hands

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  3. The keys to understanding are in my hands

Elchanan from Safed – Many long years of bachelorhood and an eternity of meeting “nice girls” but no lasting relationships led me to a Shefer counseling session. My Rabbi suggested it because at the time I was dating a woman who had all the right qualities, but I was hesitant to commit. This session changed my life! I not only gained insight into my own fear of commitment but the session also gave me the keys to understanding how many of my own behaviors that were revolving around the wrong axis. The amazing insight of the counselor helped me understand something fundamental about myself, and pushed me forward.  It goes without saying, that a month later I was engaged and three months later, married!

הפוסט הבא
"מי תהיה אמא שלי?"
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A healthy daughter and more time for me

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מה אנחנו עושים כשהדברים לא מסתדרים כפי שהיינו רוצים? אם נודה על האמת, לעיתים יש לנו נטייה להפשיל שרוולים ולצאת…
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