The fact that something changed in me had an effect on him as well

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  3. The fact that something changed in me had an effect on him as well

Anat from Jerusalem – I went to a Couples’ Workshop. It was recommended to me, but I was sure that I would just sit at the edge of the circle and listen. By the second meeting, I discerned the non-judgmental atmosphere and I realized that the group participants had all come together in order to learn and solve problems they were experiencing. The openness of the group led to real learning. As soon as I felt free to work on my issues in the group, my relationship with my husband began to improve. I learned that my perspective is subjective, and the issues I was having are my own. Now I know that I can choose whether or not I will be offended or hurt, hurl insults in return, or fight with my significant other. This freed something up inside of me, and despite the fact that my husband did not join the workshop – when I made this change, it affected him as well. The tension and fighting has lessened significantly…

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Could it be that he is right and I am wrong?

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