Self-Awareness Counseling

Are you:

  • Longing for change in your life, but can’t make it happen?
  • Suffering from anxiety or fears?
  • Unhappy with your work/professional situation?
  • Unable to fulfill decisions and resolutions?
  • Dissatisfied with your relationships?
  • Feeling ‘stuck’?


The solution to all these issues can be found in the Shefer Approach.

Self-awareness counseling  in the Shefer Approach is a technique of intense clarification that will help you achieve a different understanding of the issues that bother you.

Understanding how situations are often perceived erroneously is the key to a renewed perspective of the issue.

The counseling process isn’t classified as ‘treatment’.  This is because you, the client will be actively involved in the clarification process.   The advisors role is to guide you to attain the awareness that clears the path to desired change.

A wide range of specially- trained advisors are available to help you work out the underlying motivation for your issue.  The cultural or religious values of the advisor have no ramification on the process, which is essentially uncritical and non-judgemental.

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