The Shefer Approach is a renewed classic philosophy based upon Alfred Adler’s psychological principles.   The approach enables a unique outlook on the dynamics between parents and children, in couple’s relationships and in the personal self-awareness process.

Implementation of the approach offers you the freedom to determine and choose how to perceive situations, rather than align yourself to affixed notions and concepts.  This new perception is the key to blessed change in parenting, marriage and self-awareness.

Realizing that the key is actually in your hands is the first and most substantial step towards change and growth which ultimately leads us to strengthen our relationships as well as our self-esteem.

The approach does not assert what is right or wrong, rather it enables you to realize the values that are unique to you as a parent, spouse and a human being.

Yael Elitzur

The Shefer Institute-Merkaz Shefer in Jerusalem established in 2008 is headed by Yael Elitzur, a lifelong educator and educational consultant.  The institute as well as the approach is named in honor of Bilha Shefer who set the groundwork of the approach.

Yael Elitzur acquired her degree at the Michlala College in Jerusalem and proceeded to advanced studies at the Adler Institute.  She continued her training with Bilha Shefer  who had adapted the educational philosophy of Alfred Dreykurs (student of Alfred Adler) into a unique educational approach.

Yael Elitzur developed the approach into a practical and accessible system that ultimately influenced countless families.  The approach offers refreshing insights which enable a new outlook on the dynamics of the parent-child, teacher-student and couples relationships as well as the personal self-awareness process.

At the outset Yael Elitzur travelled throughout Israel to propagate the approach through workshops and private counseling.  Her perseverance and determination led to amazing results!  This led her to the realization that the revolution could not be accomplished single handedly. In order to promote the approach on a larger scale a substantial initiative was required.  With this purpose she began to train a new generation of Shefer counselors, stressing the importance of accuracy and professionalism, while imbedding in them the awareness that they have a ‘calling’ that will truly leave a mark on society.

To date, hundreds of dedicated Shefer counselors trained by Yael Elitzur and the dedicated staff of Merkaz Shefer are actively spreading the approach to thousands of families throughout Israel.  Remarkably, the approach has taken hold in all segments of the population ranging from the ultra-orthodox community through non-religious kibbutzim, in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Yiddish in addition to Hebrew.  Successful workshops have also been held abroad by zoom and through digital courses produced by Shefer counselors in Hebrew and English.

In addition to parenting, counseling using the Shefer approach helps many couples overcome domestic issues and personal “self- awareness” dilemmas.  The approach is also being propagated in the school system by specially trained Shefer counselors.  Teachers, advisors, and social workers are ‘reaping the fruits’ of the revolutionary concepts of the Shefer approach and Yael Elitzur’s vision.

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