What is the purpose of the workshop?
The workshop aims to enable its participants to develop a different perspective on issues affecting couples relationships .
This is achieved by attaining a new outlook on the dynamics in the relationship, particularly the negative dynamics.
The workshop is comprised of 10-12 weekly group meetings with 10-15 participants.
The first 6 sessions are devoted to getting acquainted with the approach.
In the remaining meetings, we actively implement the concepts in our daily lives, under the guidance of the workshop counselor.
Participants of the Shefer Couples Workshops attest to the fact that acquiring a different outlook on the dynamics enabled a significant shift in how they perceive their relationship and their partner. This ultimately led to blessed change in the atmosphere of the home as stress and tension are replaced by serenity and cooperation, so that even what seemed to be insurmountable issues become resolved.

Participants in the workshops come from all walks of life and forms of society.
The approach doesn’t deal with values and ideologies; and doesn’t claim to assert what is right or wrong in a relationship. We don’t give ‘tips’ or advice on how to change your partner, and we certainly don’t judge.
The objective is to change the dynamics, and understanding them is the first step towards achieving that goal.
That’s the key to overcoming most deadlocks in a relationship.
Though it is widely accepted that ‘it takes two to tango’, according to the Shefer Approach one is enough to adjust (and improve!) the dynamics.
That’s why participation in the workshop isn’t dependent on both partners joining.
At this point in time the workshops are exclusively for women.
Though this guideline may seem paradoxical, it has proven itself time and again. In addition, it enables a freer and more comfortable atmosphere in the group as well as a heightened sense of confidentiality.

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