Something happened.  The pyramid has turned upside-down…

Shefer Approach parenting workshops revert the pyramid back to its steady, stable position.

What is the aim of a Shefer parenting workshop?

Returning parents and children to their rightful places. The direct result being, that instead of experiencing doubt, guilt and confusion you will rediscover the joy of confident parenting.

What will you learn in the workshop?

The workshop will teach you to understand that- it’s not that parents don’t know how to raise their children, and it’s not that the child isn’t capable of behaving otherwise (despite what he portrays).

How do we reach this understanding?

We will help you to ‘peel off’ the outer layers that are concealing your authentic child as you discover what goes on behind the scenes in the dynamics between you and your child.  In learning to ‘look beyond’ you can discover the true potential of your child.  This will lead to a completely different mindset of expectations.  From there the sky’s the limit…

The Shefer parenting workshops are appropriate for:

  • Parents who are experiencing specific challenges with their child/children in home, school, sibling or social interaction.
  • Parents who don’t necessarily have specific issues but are looking to enhance the ‘parenting experience’.
  • Parents with children of all ages, from any sector, ethnic group or religious affiliation. The Shefer Approach deals  with dynamics, not values or ethics.
  • Both parents or just one parent.  Successful results in the workshop are not dependent on both parents attending.

Along with its challenges, parenting can be gratifying and joyful.  Let Shefer Approach show you how!

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