Merkaz Shefer provides a holistic approach that deals with parenting, couple’s relationships and self-awareness issues.   What is common to all these spheres are the dynamics that drive them.  The Shefer Approach aims to help the individual reveal what is concealed behind the dynamics of the various relationships that comprise our lives, as well as our personal self-awareness.
Yael Elitzur, whose life’s work has been establishing the approach, together with a dedicated teaching staff, prepare men and women to become proficient in the Shefer Approach in teaching centers based in Jerusalem, Modiin and Haifa as well as via online webinars reaching worldwide.
To date, over 200 deeply committed professionals trained by Merkaz Shefer are actively propagating the Shefer Approach to an ever-growing number of families, institutions and individuals.  In order to retain a high level of expertise and competence they continue their association with Merkaz Shefer even after graduation and continue to receive constant professional guidance and supervision.
Recent achievements:
Thousands participate in various Shefer workshops yearly.
Private consults and guidance sessions using the Shefer approach are offered to thousands yearly.
The Shefer Approach has been embraced by many sectors of society, from Ultra-Orthodox to Non-Observant Jews; in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, and Russian.
Shefer counselors undergo further training to bring the approach to the educational system, enabling the teaching staff to adapt its principles in their daily work with amazing results.
Basic concepts from the Shefer Approach are also being implemented within the various youth movements as well as informal education system. This is achieved by lectures and seminars led by Shefer counselors.

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